Vacation Season

    In little over 3 days my family and I will be leaving for vacation in Hawaii. I think the last time I stepped foot over there I was the age of six. I remember very little about the vacation itself. For whatever reason I remember having lots of frozen waffles, wheat to be exact. And I remember wearing a Local Motion shirt, which my mom found recently and suggested I wear to the beach this time around. No seriously. She was pretty excited too? Its possible that she actually handed me one that my dad bought that trip, seeing as though it would be physically impossible for me to fit in ANY of my clothes from the age of six. Either way the shirt was 18 years old. And for all you vintage lovers, this shirt was unwearable. Thanks anyways!

   With all of that said here are some items from the store that I would love to have  on my trip. Vacation season is already underway, so this is for all you homies going on trips this summer. There is a serious amount to choose from. So if this post becomes excessive I apologize upfront. It’s very likely, considering I pack more than my girlfriend.

Robert Geller Geo Shorts-Really feeling the pattern and the cut of these shorts At just about a 6 inch inseam, these shorts fall in the perfect fit category. Time to trade in your shorts that fall past your kneecaps dudes, fashion forecasts don’t show too many ankle biting basketball shorts influencing designers in the near future.         


Perks and Mini Marble Shorts-I have to say I am a big fan of the elastic waistband this Spring/Summer. I  just purchased a pair of Ted Baker trunks that are elastic/drawstring. For whatever reason any bottoms that I purchase tend to stretch out. Anyways with the elastic I don’t have to worry about the waistline expanding like Chris Farley’s . No belt required= automatic purchase.


C.P. Company Heritage Camo Short-Honestly, I don’t think much explaining needs to be done here. 


Wings + Horns Navy S/S Pocket Tee- I decided to purchase this guy for a few reasons. The fit was perfect and I really liked the weight of the T-shirt itself. My last vacation to Cabo I purchased several Tee’s from the GAP that now look like hell. Their stretched out and the colors are bare. They have been demoted to my gym shirts. This time around I am spending the extra $20 or $30 for some quality Tee’s that I know will last more than a week vacation.


Wings+ Horns Black Navajo Polo-Simple polo with not so average detail. Color may be dark for Hawaii, but for my color blind eyes it leans toward navy, which just so happens to be my favorite color. 


Penny Stock Big Stripe Penny Tank- Because I’ll be in Hawaii and  will be damned if I don’t get to show off my brand new tattoos.


Gitman Bros. Vintage Japanese YD Jacquard Sailboats- I’m on a boat b*tch.


C.P. Company Cotton Rustic Sweater- I was told it gets down to the 60’s at night this time of the year in Hawaii, which I find semi disgusting considering its “paradise”. Right, thats what they call it? Let’s hope they meant over night. Either way if need an extra layer I would love for this to be in my suitcase. Steezy moss stitched construction, get off me player.


Miansai Burgundy Rope Hook Bracelet- While I already own a rope hook from Miansai, I really dig the color way of this one. Accessories are necessary, step up your wrist game.


So there you have it. 9 items that I wish I had in my suitcase. Well 1-9 ain’t bad. All items are available online now. Cop them for your up and coming vacations.