What is velvet and why is it so good? (A brief history.)

Let’s talk about it.

Velvet, first of all, isn’t by definition one type of material, but the way that a couple of different fabrics, i.e. silk, nylon, or cotton, are manipulated into a wearable garment. That being said, velvet is characterized by its softness, more aptly, its plain underside and outer short, dense pile of cut, tufted threads that give it a distinct feel.

Throughout history, kings, queens, and in betweens, wore the shit out of this stuff. I mean it–velvet gowns, velvet shoes, velvet rugs, velvet sheets, velvet pillows, velvet capes, velvet gloves–pretty much anything you can fathom: It was velvet.

About 300 years later came Scarlett O'Hara. Remember her iconic green velvet dress? The one she made out of her mansion’s curtains to woo Rhet into giving her money? Aw, sweet love.

After that it was all Courtney Love and My So-Called Life, and velvet spent some time on the downhill slope. But let’s get real. We’re in an era of revival, and the best of this buttery fabric is yet to come.

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