What to Watch For

We can all thank J. Crew for turning the Timex Weekender into the most played out watch of the 21st century. It’s actually a nice design, but the fact that you can find it more easily than the Timex calculator watch means the dumb dumb in the cubicle next to yours is ordering his right now on Amazon. 
A man’s watch is such a beautiful accessory. Take notice that most men don’t wear watches. I attribute this to not being able to find one that suits him properly. Some prefer a recognizable brand, some want simplicity, some want Swiss movement, most just can’t decide. Here’s my short list on a few choices suited for multiple budgets. 

Uniform Wares 302 Chronograph Series, $966

Steven Alan 21 Jewel Automatic, $285

Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer (Limited Edition), $$$$ (I don’t know!)

Techne 411.12 NATO, $291

TSOVET SVT-RS40 Series, $375

IWC, The Portofino Chronograph Edition Laureus Sport for Good Foundation $6300