Zippers. Zzzzzzt.

I’ve been having dreams about wrapping myself and all my accessories in zippers. Multi colored zippers, invisible zippers, even broken zippers, the only commonality: they’re all RIRI ZIPPERS. Lovely.  Then the dream progressed into a dress made completely of zippers, with only one functioning zipper. All the other zippers were faux, and the only way to get out was to find the right one. Zipper hell.


But now back to real life. There’s no such thing as zipper hell. If they’re RIRI zippers, it can only be zipper heaven. Big plastic teeth, rainbow teeth, wax dipped teeth, brass teeth, connecting chain teeth, buck teeth. RIRI is an acronym for the German words for concave and convex, as in the teeth that make these suckers stick.

“You are the concave to my convex.”