Meet Ansley, resident stylist for Acrimony.
Past or present, whose style is inspirational to you?
I've always been a huge David Bowie fan, not just his music but also his sense of style and the way he carried himself as a celebrity. I would argue that he is the most influential trend setter of all time. I once saw a picture of David Bowie wearing shutter shades (a la Kanye West, Stronger music video) but in the early 80s with the quote, "before you try and start a trend, just remember, David Bowie already did it." 
 What influences me daily, though, is street style. I constantly scour the internet (more than I'd like to admit) to keep up with what cool people are wearing. I'm obsessed with skate culture, which also bleeds into the rap scene. I feel like rappers are the rockstars of my generation... They're the ones who have something to say and fight for, and they're the ones who currently have the greatest influence on culture and style. Rappers and skaters are kind of taking over the world.
Who is your celebrity crush?
I have two: Marc Maron and Ty Segall. Marc Maron is the neurotic silver fox who I want to calm down and be best friends with. Ty Segall is just plain sexy.
How did you come to work at Acrimony?
A couple of summers ago I was working as an intern for a filmmaker in Austin, and I realized that as great as the job was, something wasn't quite clicking inside me. My cousin said to me one day, "Dude, you love fashion, you should go for it." So I randomly sent my resume, with no relevant experience mind you, to the info email address on Acrimony's website and they coincidentally really needed to hire someone. They took a chance on me and it was pretty serendipitous. 
What are your daily reads (fashion, culture or other)? 
I don't know if you can call this a "read" but I look at Instagram A LOT. It's where I gather the majority of my information on what is going on in the world culturally. Otherwise, when I wake up I always read a couple articles from CNN and Buzzfeed, and religiously check out Vogue's street style photos. I also just read a really good book, You by Caroline Kepnes. It's legit, I literally read it in 2.5 days. I highly recommend!  
What is your favorite item in the store at the moment?
Everything from RE/DONE, but my favorite is the Core High Rise jean. I love that RE/DONE uses actual ~*vintage*~ Levi's. They are by far my favorite interpretation of the vintage jean trend I have seen on the market!
What is your spirit animal and why?
Definitely a shark. I share their affinity for the ocean and love of seafood. 
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Dark chocolate! I'm not a psychopath..
If you were an emoji, which would you be?
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