Meet Jenny // owner of Acrimony and No.3.
Past or present, whose style is inspirational to you? Emmanuelle Alt. She always dresses like a bad-ass powerful woman and has never been photographed as a fashion victim. Fashion victim is my worst nightmare. 
Who is your celebrity crush? Barack Obama (for real)
What made you want to open Acrimony? Working for a big company with lots of managers and sitting at a desk all day was soul sucking. Fashion was a driving passion for me, so it made sense to take a chance at owning my own business. 
What has been the most rewarding aspect of being a store owner? Taking risks and seeing the rewards when you make the right decisions. Also, shopping for a living!
If you didn't own Acrimony and No.3, what do you think your profession would be? Archeologist or bone digger. Indiana Jones was my hero growing up.
What is your favorite item in the store at the moment? This floral/stripe men's shirt I'm wearing from Gitman Vintage. 
What is your spirit animal and why? House cat. Independent, easily entertained, selective with affection, enjoys warm weather and sunshine. 
Sushi or ramen? Sushi all the way. 
If you were an emoji, which would you be?  Because this is generally my reaction to most things. 
Keep up with Jenny at @_jenny_c, @shopacrimony, or