Meet Taylor, head women's buyer for Acrimony and assistant buyer for No.3. She wears the Rachel Comey Cropped Tee and Bard Belt.
1. What is your all time favorite song? Toughest question ever! I always come back to the original 1960 demo of Spanish Harlem, sung by it's co-writer and composer Phil Spector (you can find a recording of it on Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound Retrospective). It's timeless, beautiful, and dark.
2. Who inspires you? Rachel Comey. She's a visual artist who's built a business through her medium, where every aspect— from her styling to care tags (keep forever!), play an equally pivotal role. Like any artist's work, it's been fascinating to watch her brand evolve into her unmistakeable point of view we see today.
3. How did you come to work at Acrimony? Like most great love stories of our age: I answered a Craigslist ad, and the rest is history. 
4. What is your biggest fashion pet peeve? Putting on clothes with little or no thought than other than merely to cover oneself. What you wear is a means of communication to the world around you, whether you like it or not...choose your words wisely. :)
5. Who's your hallpass? Dev Hynes, unparalleled style in every sense of the word. 
6. What's a word you absolutely hate? Juxtapose(d)....Anyone who made it through an MFA program alive knows what I'm talking about. 
7. What is your current favorite item in the store? The Rachel Comey Funnel Neck Pullover. 
8. If you were an emoji, which would you be? 
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